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Career Coaching

A 15-year corporate background in leadership positions and ten years' coaching experience gives me a unique background and perspective to support you with your career or life goals.

I continue to undertake research in my field and I have completed a MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

How I can help you:


Career transition and progression, interpersonal challenges, priority management and emotional management at work.


Balance is a myth, let’s figure out the optimal configuration for you!

Your Longer
Term Vision

Building your longer term vision and signature career identity online and offline.

Challenges With
Your Board/ Teams

Taking a systems-based approach to influencing those that matter

Focus on

All aspects of wellbeing, ranging from physical health to psychological wellbeing and particularly, digital wellbeing


This includes your own way of being at work.

How it works

I'll either ask you to complete an optional strengths questionnaire. You are welcome to share any other personality assessments you have already completed, as I am certified and experienced in a range of assessments, including MBTI, NEO, Hogan, Strengths-Finder.

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Question 1

What do you want to get out of the session?


Question 2

How important is this to you on a scale of 1-10? (If not very, it may not be the right topic to coach on.)

Image by Alexandru Acea

Question 3

If this coaching were to prove really worthwhile for you, what would be happening (in your work, life etc) that is not happening at present?

What clients think

Turning dreams into reality: 

“It’s funny, because about a month ago I came over the email you sent me when we were having our sessions and I read through it. Most of what I had imagined is actually coming true …when I reread your notes it made me realise how well everything is coming along.

Subconsciously the sessions have helped me a great deal and life is going the way I wanted it to. Thank you so much… although the sessions were absorbing and challenging at times, I really benefitted from them..” 

 Rita, Senior Investment Banker

Experienced and Qualified

I have worked with hundreds of leaders on their career journeys. 

Ten years' experience as an Executive Coach. 

Researching the subject of executive development with top faculty at London Business School.

15 years' corporate experience in leadership roles, and making significant changes in career direction

Promoted to my first leadership position within three years of working.

My background includes ​being CFA qualified (Certified Financial Analyst) - first time passes on all three levels. I also completed the Summer Foundation, Slade School of Fine Art (2009).

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Coaching Qualifications

MSc - Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology - University of East London (Current)

Point Positive & AEM Cube Certified, London Business School Tools (2019)

Level 1 Hogan Certification, London Business School (2018) 

Practice of Evidence Based Coaching – Distinction (81%) – Master’s module, University of East London (2018) 

Level A&B Personality & Psychometric testing & NEO accredited, BPS (2015)  Distinction

Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching, Henley Business School (2013)  


KPMG Effective & Advanced Coaching, Appreciative Enquiry and Clean Language Coaching (2010)  

Book Now

If you're ready to start coaching sessions, your can place your booking using the link below. All payments should be made 48 hours prior to a session starting. Alternatively you can get in touch with me at

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