Client stories

Find out more about how I have been working with clients and what they thought of their experience.

Examples of clients I have worked with from my corporate and coaching career.

Turning dreams to reality

From defining a way to build your career confidence to working out what your career goals are, or to develop your leadership skills. I have worked with hundreds of clients, coaching people through their career challenges and identifying the best routes to suit their career desires. Find out how I coached the following three clients to help them identify the ideal ways to meet their individual career requirements.


Find out about Aartizen's journey and experience. She was looking for career coaching guidance and an objective view to cut through the noise.



Hear all about how I worked with Salma to identify the ideal language to use when communicating as a leader; to gain buy-in as well as overcome gender bias.


See how I supported Rachel to identify the best way in which to support her team to meet their potential and deliver on their objectives. 

Building leaders for any future

When it comes to organisations by 15 year corporate history is a real asset alongside my 10 years coaching experience. I led and motivated teams, while supporting them to realise their own potential and meet team goals also. I can deliver facilitated sessions, or more intimate training sessions with executive employees. Take a look at some examples of my coaching/facilitation and get in touch for more information as to how I can help you. 


I worked with Quartic Training in particular CEO 
Nicholas Blain MA FCA, FSCI, CFA, to support him to visualise ways to reduce workload, gain control and deliver the desired outcome for his company.


People In Production wanted to work with a coach to identify how they could grow quickly and make this sustainable for them also. Find out more below.


I delivered a series of 1-1 training sessions across Mixcloud's business as well as supporting the Executive Co-Founders with a couple of small facilitated group sessions. 

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