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Maya Gudka discusses the research into p

Positive Social Media

The Research

You may have recently watched "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix. But what next? With over half the world using social media, what is urgently needed is an evidence-based approach and framework for how to use it well, to support our lives and wellbeing.

The research

The Research in More Detail

The risks and pitfalls of social media use are frequently discussed. Positive Psychology asks: what is good here, how can we build on it? If you have any form of social media account (and half of you do!) , the question is, how can you use it strategically to support your overall flourishing? This is the subject of my published, peer reviewed, research, which you can find here.

Taking a seat and minimising distraction
Maya Gudka covers a summary of forthcomi

My book

Want to know more? My book will draw on my research, which itself draws on hundreds of research papers looking at the ways social media can support wellbeing which is an area that I cover as an executive coach.


In the meantime, I discuss early findings in this Technically Spiritual Episode; and I share practical examples of positive social media in this Asian House and Home article.

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