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February Food Finds

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I've got a spring in my step this February. As well as being ready to resume exercise, I've got my amazing nutrition therapist chum Aarti sharing her latest healthy but always delicious finds! She has a nose for finding the most delicious and yet nutritionally sound items. Which reminds me, my sense of smell is still not back. Luckily I can taste chocolate, so here are some of the things she's got me to order this Feb:

1) Plenish non-dairy milks, just a really tasty non-cows milk e.g. coconut milk. Great in my actually healthy chocolate porridge!

2) Naturya organic coco powder - great for chocolate porridge, smoothies, my mug cakes etc. This is how Aarti persuaded me to get this rather than my usual Green & Blacks dark coco powder: 'Green and black cocoa powder is heated in production. Still ok from a Nutrition perspective but not as High in antioxidants or magnesium as “cacao” which is raw cocoa - not heated - it has a stronger flavour and you don’t need as much'

3) Nutrilicious Crunchy Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds - I'm stunned by how satisfying these are - for salt or chocolate cravings! And in cute little packets (note they are not actually as thickly coated as in the picture below. How could they otherwise be: High Protein, Low Sugar, High Fibre, HealHealthy Snacks - Organic, Dairy Free, Sweetener Free.

4) Organic Vegan Protein Powder Shake, Vanilla - This is to make a chocolate shake with the Naturya powder and hemp. I'm still waiting for this one so will let you know how it goes, but overall I'm pleased to have all these nutritious chocolate fixes in Feb.

5) Finally, I was struggling to implement dry Jan (I don't think it was constructed for lockdown, rather a season of December partying followed by empty pockets. Sadly the former never happened). I've not drunk since having Covid though, and not very inspired to either. But I will always be drawn to the 'process' of drinking, especially with really good savoury snacks. So I'm keen to try these non alcoholic spirits, having had them recommended from multiple sources. Maybe they will be my 'reward' for Fitness February!

If you've got any finds which are making February more fun and healthier, please let me know!



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