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Executive Coaching Articles

Featured articles:

Below are a selection of my published articles. The themes below cover subject areas that I am regularly asked about as an executive coach or that are a key area of my current research.

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How to handle redundancy

Make it the best thing that has ever happened to you.


As part of an article focussed on redundancy, my suggestions on how to handle finding yourself in a similar situation featured on Allbright. 


Positive Social Media

Positive Social Media


Tips for avoiding the rabbit hole and getting back control over the time you spend on social media.

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Successful negotiation tips

Three tips for successful negotiations:


Before you close a deal, make sure you think thrice.

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Psychologies Magazine

My posts for Psychologies Magazine's expert blogging platform include topics such as:

  • Self-Regulation

  • Positive Psychology

  • Montessori in the Home

  • Mindfulness 

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Tired of hearing about resilience?

Resilience: the ultimate buzzword, in organisations, schools - everywhere, yet we can't practise it until adversity hits. Enter self regulation.

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Self regulation

Almost everything the self is or does is tied to self-regulation

Consider any Resolution you've made, or habit you have sought to build. Whatever they are, these all require self-regulation. 

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'Not another Mindfulness suggestion please!’

If you want to boost your self-regulation, a regular mindfulness practice has been shown to help greatly. Yet there are people for whom it is either unappealing, or inappropriate.

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A video for Mondays about self regulation and depletion

Think less 'willpower' and more 'managing my depleted moments'. In this video, I offer an introduction to the concept of Ego Depletion. Click below to open the video on the LiFeLabs (Psychologies Magazine) website.

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5 tips for successful M&A integrations:

5 tips for successful M&A integrations:


When companies merge, they bring people together too. How do you merge the hearts and minds of people?