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Career Blindspots Checklist

The product of 1000s of conversations with high achieving executives, this Career Blindspots Checklist allows you to perform an in-depth exploration of the hidden obstacles preventing your progress. 


When you’re time poor, it’s easy to keep paddling frantically - keeping everything calm on the surface, but only focusing on the noisy, obvious matters. When you’re entrenched in that cycle, it’s easy to miss the quiet blindspots - yet its those blindspots that will have the biggest, leveraged, impact on your career and life. 

How to Save Time When Scaling Your Business

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Career Blindspots Checklist

What's in the checklist

A clear scoring system to give you an immediate picture of where to focus 


The hidden barriers which typically aren’t getting the focus they need


A useful prompt to keep you strategic when you are busy in life and work.

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