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*Accelerate to the C-Suite*


Masterclass for high-performing, but overlooked leaders in financial & professional services

Learn my *proven path to the high-paying, C-Suite role you deserve, whilst working 5hrs less per week, with my 90-day strategy. 

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*This 3-pillar strategy comes from my peer-reviewed research, also published in Harvard Business Review, which helps 100s of overlooked leaders advance their career without working 14-hour days or selling their soul.

What we will cover in this private masterclass:

  • How to convey authority and boardroom confidence-

- without having to 'be' someone else - even works for my shy clients!

  • How to confidently ask for what you want inside your company

- and make a 'yes' inevitable

  • How to nail high stakes meetings, negotiations & interviews

- by understanding the psychology of these situations, which only 1% of leaders currently do

  • Why developing career-defining relationships is pivotal

- and how to do this in a non-awkward way so that you have people advocating for you and your career

  • How to build your unique profile & thought leadership so that your negotiation power increases

- through the right visibility inside & outside your company 

Who is Maya Gudka?

The Golden Hour Podcast With Maya Gudka (4).png

Harvard-published Executive Coach to leaders in top Blue-Chip companies, published author, London Business School researcher & contributor; ex-Economist (Goldman Sachs, KPMG, PwC):

  • Was promoted to manager, one of KPMG’s youngest at 25, despite two adventure-filled gap years before

  • Pivoted from Economics Consulting to an entirely new field without losing Manager grade

  • Secured an unusual (and unheard of!) managerial role - working across two different teams to rapidly craft her ideal career path

  • Was selected for a Director role at KPMG whilst still a Manager, effectively skipping a grade - also unheard of!

  • Secured her dream role at London Business School as Director of Leadership & Strategy Executive Education programmes, completing her transition from Economics, shortly before her second maternity leave.

  • Launched her own coaching business in 2019, building an impressive roster of Leaders & C-Suite Clients (see below)

  • Within 4 months, her podcast, ‘Life Work with Maya’ has become a top 2.5% most popular podcasts globally.

  • Below are a handful of Maya's Coaching Clients Brands or examples of where she has been featured.

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