Maya Gudka

CFA, MA (Cantab)

Executive Coach and Speaker

I work with individuals and groups on their leadership journeys, primarily via organisations (London Business School, Acuity, Aziz Corp); as well as private individuals. My unique background in Economics, Coaching and Positive Psychology means I can work with you to:

Build exciting career, life & financial visions

Build your signature career identity - online & at work

Get promoted into the right role for you

Manage emotions in high-stakes situations 

Optimise deep work, social media & remote-working 


An economist by training, I hold a First Class degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge. I started my career in Goldman Sachs Research Sales, and then Economics Consulting at PwC.


I have ten years of Leadership Development and Coaching experience and 15 years of professional experience working in Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, Senior Economics consulting roles at KPMG and as a Director at London Business School.

Promoted to manager within the first 3 years of my career, I embarked on a journey of discovery of how to manage, coach, influence and motivate my teams. 

I am currently undertaking a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and fortunate to be able to apply this in my work and research on a daily basis.


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How Maya Gudka works with companies in positive leadership and positive organisational behaviour


Exec coaching, positive leadership & positive organisational behaviour.


Career and life coaching

Maya Gudka speaker and podcast host


Positive social media and executive coaching topics


Your Plate Podcast

I co-host a podcast with Aarti Bhanderi-Shah - a Registered Nutritional Therapist; bringing together our expertise in Nutrition & Psychological Flourishing to help you get the most out of life. Find us on iTunes or listen to our most popular episodes below:

Your Plate podcast live


Digital Relationships

Do you make the most of your digital relationships? 

Maya shares some practical tips as well as some of her research into Positive Social Media to help us be more intentional with our time online and make the most of our relationships.


Meditation 4-part series

Meditation - it's everywhere, and yet our clients still struggle to actually do it.

We bring our lens to the conversation, giving you gold standard research around the benefits; before discussing more personal experiences, specific habits and resources in future episodes.

Maya Gudka and Aarti Bhanderi-Shah on your plate podcast


Homeschooling + Deep Work

With constraints can come creativity. Listen to this bonus episode to find out more about how to balance your schedule in the current environment.



Client Testimonials

Difficult career choices:

“Our last week’s session was amazing, I really thought it has helped me in confirming that I am doing the right thing albeit it isn’t the easiest thing to do. It has definitely also helped me to understand that in order to make the right decision in terms of career move, I first need to get away and give myself some time to understand what I really want”.

Senior Trader,
Deutsche Bank


“My partner is so happy since we talked! We had a good talk about the possible strategies you and I agreed. He was so positive after. We talked through the impending foreseeable stresses and how to manage them. Thanks so much, the session was so helpful . Lots of very helpful things put into practice so far . You are extremely perceptive and have such a good understanding of people and relationships! Instead of me thinking ‘I must try harder’, you have changed it to ‘we must both allow ourselves to..’ – game changer!"



Writing and Research


View my writing on Psychologies Magazine expert blog site, I also write for other periodicals. I am also undertaking research on Executive Development and Positive Psychology topics.

Not another mindfulness suggestion!

There are people for whom the idea of meditation or other mindfulness practices are either unappealing, or simply not appropriate. 

Almost everything the self is or does is tied to self-regulation

Whether saving more, limiting phone use, or being calmer at work, these all require self-regulation.


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