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Vision Builder Programme

For logical, high achievers

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Programme Details

We often don’t know where to start with our longer-term vision. We worry we might be missing  important inputs or info so we do nothing.  

This short programme addresses that by guiding you through a systematic process for building  your 10-year vision. 

Vision-Builder programme promise: you walk away with a robust vision on paper and an  exciting way forward, built on solid foundations.  

To create a robust vision, we include the following steps:  

• Vision fundamentals – getting these in place first to be able to build a vision that is  deeply exciting, representative of who you truly are, and is not limited, blocked or stuck

• The visioning work itself (which I have done with 100s of clients)  

• Manifestation for logical thinkers 

• Reconciling dilemmas faced with longer term visions which can otherwise keep us stuck

• Next steps to move onto your vision path TODAY with ease 

Nuts and Bolts

• About 3-5 hours of structured online programme - action / reflection-based 

• Finishing with a two-hour 1-1 intensive with me (zoom/teams) in which we iron out the  kinks or hone down a plan (or address any other questions that have emerged for you). 

Price is £1050 + VAT @ 2-%

Chris King in my LinkedIn recommendations has just done this with me (2 hours intensive at the  end) and as you can see he is raving about it. Scroll down to bottom of my LI to see these  recommendations 

If this is indeed a now thing for you, click the button below and you can get  started online asap! 


How long does it take? 

The online work tends to take 3-5 hours (maybe 5 to really do it justice, again one of those things  the more you put in the more you get out). I've kept the critical path items in there only for your vision-building. 

It's up to you how much you wish to spread this out - as a guide, minimum 2 weeks, maximum a  month but really there is flexibility here. 

Then we have our 1-1 (2 hours in one block) 

Do I pay VAT if I am outside the UK? 

If you can let me know which country you are operating in I can check this info. If your company is paying (which many people do), the VAT is typically passed on. Any other questions, let me know!  

Can my company pay? 

Many clients are choosing to ask their organisations to pay for this – given it is a hybrid learning  and coaching offer and often fits neatly within an L&D budget. It has clear benefits for the organisation backed by the research, I am happy to supply a brief  note setting these out. 

If you are self-funding and considering future work with me, I can make you aware of the bundle  option, just let me know. 

When should I do the Vision Builder? 

The quick answer is that if you don’t already have a 10 year vision and a corresponding 3 year  plan, do it straight away! 

But specifically, clients are catalysed into action when: 

• They are making tricky decisions in work and life - and struggling to do so • They are finding themselves overworked but not ‘moving forward’ 

• They are contemplating next steps in their career, such as job switch or career change • They are feeling ‘stuck’ 

• Life is feeling blah and drab rather than energising and exciting 

• They are seeing others thriving around them at work and wondering why they are not.

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